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Klany grajace w ArmA Multiplayer - rekrutacja, ogłoszenia, informacje

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Re: Legion etrangere

Post autor: Clevinger » 18 listopada 2008, 01:41

For the those of yours who are already involved in IC-ArmA, I would like to tell we propose a very different experience :

- First, we don't use respawn (which somewhat force players to adopt a "realistic" behaviour :mrgreen: ).
- We use the IA's a teamates and vehicles crew.
- Our add-on pack gathers some of the best creations of the ArmA community. Which means the REDFOR is much more interesting to play.

Our ambition is to recreate battle involving platoon and company-sized units in the most realistic battlefield, including infantry, tanks, helicopters and airplanes. To achieve this, we set up a hierarchic military-like organization, from the trooper to the leader of an entire combined arms force.

Next add-on pack release (~5 weeks) will include :

- House-made config files, in order to improve IA behaviour and use of weapons.
- Custom scripts (deployment of towed artillery, cutting barbed wire, etc...)
- Reworked ballistics (missiles, tank guns, firearms) according to authentic documentation.
- Nearly all US Army and Russian Federation Armed Forces equipment, vehicles and weaponry (US Stryker Brigade, US Heavy Brigade, 75th Rangers Regiment, SFOD-A, Russian Mechanized (BTR & BMP) Brigade, VDV Airborne Brigade and Spetsnatz units).

Do not hesitate, check our forum

Some screens :






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