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Royal Green Jackets|Coop Unit|Recruiting

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The Royal Green Jackets is recruiting both Beginners as Seasoned players alike

Are you interested in a realistic, team-orientated unit that don’t have the ‘’Rambo’’ mentality. Do you want to learn tactics and skills through organised trainings? Looking for a team that values commitment and honour, trains together in a structured, military-styled environment and rewards effort with qualifications and advancement?
Then the Royal Green Jackets is the place for you.
Not just a bunch of players, but a team based on discipline, dedication and friendship.

Then join the Royal Green Jackets: Royal Green Jackets

Who are the Royal Green Jackets

The Royal Green Jackets is a Gaming unit orientated on Cooperative game play. We base ourselves around the British army and to be precise the Light Infantry Regiment the ROYAL GREEN JACKETS
We are a European unit but off course we accept members from all around the world.

Be apart of something special Join the Royal Green Jackets: Royal Green Jackets

Organization of the Royal Green Jackets

We base ourselves on a single platoon structure with a attached Air Support squad. We are not a Top heavy squad with a lot of Officers. We pride ourselves in a practical system that works.
Our promotions are earned and only given when a position is available.

Join the sensation a:t Royal Green Jackets

Our Trainings

With dedicated training sessions put together by Research and Real-Life experience we bring real-life tactics to our playstyle. Room breaches and movement based on these tactics add to the enjoyment and effectiveness of our game play.

Learn with us: Royal Green Jackets


We work as a team whenever we play. You will not find us lone-wolfing across the map. You will see us moving and acting as a team. Covering our angles and more importantly our squad-mates, whilst applying our training to our game. You will not see rambo mentality but rather an objective focused unit that knows personal score means nothing if you lose the battle. As such your personal level of skill, experience points or honour earned is not a factor in considering you for membership. A mature and team oriented mentality is!

Be a member of a team: Royal Green Jackets


Teamspeak server:
Our Teamspeak server you can find on IP: bold

Join us at: Royal Green Jackets

Our recruit Training

Upon joining the Royal Green Jackets you are given the lowest rank within the unit: Recruit. When you are recruit you need to follow our recruit training where you will learn the basics of our unit. After finishing the Recruit training you will be pinned with the rank of Pte (Private) and you will be given a role within the unit.

Become a member of the Royal Green Jackets: Royal Green Jackets

Our Roles

Light Machine gunner

*not yet available, you can apply for it but you will be trained as a Infantry man first, when a pilot slot comes available you will be automatically trained and transformed into a [RGJ] Pilot

Become something more Join the Royal Green Jackets:Royal Green Jackets

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Re: Royal Green Jackets|Coop Unit|Recruiting

Post autor: [RGJ]_2Lt_Ghost » 14 lutego 2008, 14:04

My contact Details:

[email protected]

If you have any questions please let them know..


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